Wednesday, November 6, 2013

5 November 2013

Fried Green 50 on Sunday. ~45 miles of gravel + 5 creek crossings in the Piedmont NWR near Juliette, GA (home of Fried Green Tomatoes and the Whistle Stop Cafe). Beautiful ride, beautiful day.

 photo 1454984_257451517739453_577438493_n_zps29ea88f5.jpg

Also, new wheels. A23s on XT (rear) and DX (front). Hope they stay true.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

27 October 2013

More paddling. Quick trip down to Charleston with Tom for a group paddle. First time in a sea kayak. Fun.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

3 October 2013

I rode the inaugural Hellhole Gravel Grind over the weekend near Charleston. It's a 3-day stage race, including a Friday evening short TT for time bonuses in the GC, followed by ~65 mile dead flat stages on Saturday and again on Sunday. I stayed at a super nice KOA in Mount Pleasant, lakeside, for a measly $30/night. Cabins were also available for about $55.

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I didn't race the prologue since I wasn't really in it to win it, but I did race both stages. Both days I got dropped from the bunch immediately and wound up TTing alone pretty much the whole way. Being the only singlespeed has certain disadvantages. I picked a gear I knew I could turn all day, but as a result didn't have any high end to match accelerations. So I spent the days riding mostly alone, reeling in folks one by one who'd been shelled off the back of the bunch.

 photo HellholeGravelGrindStageRace-214_zpsb74631d0.jpg

Lost time on day one helping out an injured rider (he and his buddy had jumped on my wheel unbeknownst to me, and gone down when I slowed for a corner unexpectedly -- there's a lesson there)

 photo 1240111_10151864846473431_1654976155_n_zps8cb633f5.jpg

and on day two by missing a turn three miles from the finish. Other than that the most notable event was hitting a downed tree at about 20 miles an hour. Normally not a problem, but I totally lack the skills to bunnyhop on the bike I was riding. Managed to get the front wheel over and unweight the back when it hit, but lost one pedal and damn near dumped it in the aftermath. Definitely got my heart rate up.

 photo HellholeGravelGrindStageRaceDay3-381_zps1fc115da.jpg

Overall there were 47 starters in the stage race (you could also just race a one-day 32 mile or the full 65 mile course on Saturday -- day 1 had 82 starters) and 31 finishers. The main danger was hitting a pothole at speed. The potholes caused multiple crashes and flats, and one guy even snapped his frame in half -- . Finished the weekend in 8th place in the 40+ class. I'd have loved a 50+ class, but in its first year I think the organizers did right to keep the number of classes down. Hopefully there will be more next year.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

27 August 2103

 New post. Finally. Just back from 2 weeks in NH. Started with my 35th HS reunion, then 10 days of walking a powerline for work, and ended with D2R2 -- 110 miles of dirt road with 16k ft of climbing. Arrived back in Columbia with the realization that the only thing I really miss here is Tom. Four more years....

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Reuning with longtime neighbors Pete and Martha.
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Work--Blackberry season made the brambles a whole lot more bearable.
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Rail trail action on my day off
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 photo IMG_1070_zpsbb48a832.jpg

Another day off
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 photo IMG_1135_zps9a00fca6.jpg

And D2R2, with many thanks to Bruce Rychlik for getting me through the day. 110 miles in 11 hours. Ouch.
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Monday, May 6, 2013

6 May 2013

Photos from the Dirty Spokes 6hr race this weekend. Wet and muddy. I lost my brakes half way through my first lap, and then again half way through my second lap, and was reduced to tripod braking. It worked, but it wasn't much fun. I bailed after two laps. Tome raced with Mathew Stuart. They were the only junior Duo, so they won with one lap each. Very sweet.

Post race. Tom had already cleaned up a bit.
 photo DirtySpokes_zpsa7b4f4fa.jpg

 photo DirtyPodium_zpse4bde134.jpg

Clothes when we got home. Nasty.
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3 April 2013

Saturday I finally put the full CRP 200 together, starting not far from my house and looping north into the piedmont. A little dirt, a few historic sites, a Waffle House for lunch. Looking forward to making it an official permanent. Fun.

Entering Ridgeway.
 photo IMG_7934_zpsed250b7e.jpg

Near the second control.
 photo IMG_0442_zps4a85bafa.jpg

The confounded bridge
 photo IMG_0443_zpse517a9a8.jpg

Second breakfast
 photo IMG_0444_zps331d245c.jpg

A road to nowhere
 photo IMG_7939_zps192cfa14.jpg

Unless you count this as somewhere
 photo IMG_7945_zpsb452fb40.jpg

Just after the hike-a-bike.
 photo IMG_7957_zpsd5633b1c.jpg

This would make an interesting rail trail
 photo IMG_0447_zps248c58fb.jpg

Serpentine stone wall on the right. Gonna have to figure out how to get a pic.
 photo IMG_7960_zpsf8462c7f.jpg

Not a ride without a cemetery
 photo IMG_0448_zps776439ca.jpg

Control #3 near the nuclear plant. Desolate. And potentially unreliable--they were closed for the entire Easter weekend.
 photo IMG_7966_zpsdbdcccbb.jpg

Accessing the Palmetto trail to cross the Broad River
 photo IMG_0452_zps1d1d77d0.jpg

First lunch
 photo IMG_7969_zps2953a776.jpg

Palmetto trail. Nice. This is the halfway point, and what I built the route around.
 photo IMG_0454_zps51944458.jpg

Second lunch.
 photo IMG_0460_zps5856c557.jpg

Second cemetery. Because two is better than one.
 photo IMG_0461_zps27cbe642.jpg

A little climb at mile 90.
 photo IMG_0464_zps00b4f615.jpg

Gonna have to work on this pic as well
 photo IMG_0466_zpsf88810c2.jpg

A PED at Control #5 mile 110 for the final push
 photo IMG_0467_zpsdfb73fec.jpg

And done. Mile 127 and change. Now to get it RUSA Approved.
 photo IMG_0468_zpsbd2bb2d7.jpg